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At the moment production of reliable and high quality products is guaranteed with powerfull manufacturing potential.
The products of our company are unique.Is one of the leading manufacture of general gearboxes and equipment for crude oil production.

Implementation of progressive technologies, contemporary testing units and laboratories, application of new hard materials, heat treatment all this guarantees permanent reliable features of gear teeth and pinions.

At present has following divisions : foundry, machining, assembly, thermic, galvanic, welding, forge and press, tools, repair, optional equipment.
Foundry affords us to cast the details of weight up to 10 kg in quantity of 400 tons, up to 100 kg in quantity of 7-7,5 tons, up to 1000 kg weight in quantity of 150-200 tons. Galvanic division makes up to 20 000 sqm per year of high quality coverings (oxidation, phosphate treatment , zincing).

Contemporary machining division has automated lines, high accuracy machining centers; machines with programming mode allow us to process bodies of rotation and complicated casing details from 2-3 to 1500 mm length and diameter up to 2500 mm.

Important role in production of contemporary and durable products is played by thermic division. It can make various types of heat treatment : hardening, quenching, nitriding, cementation, cyanidation of details up to 600-700 x 700-1200 mm sizes.

Forge and press division has three smith forging hammers, presses with hydraulic stress from 40 to 630 tons, crank presses for sheet forging with 25, 40, 63 and 100 tones stress. Our welding division allows us to produce either small details or big size high loaded products which require high quality welding seam . It is ensured by argon-arc welding division, semi automatic welding in atmosphere of carbon dioxide and manual arc welding.

Much attention is given to quality of products. Despite the permanent and quick economical changes company managed not only to save quality supervision system and personnel but to create Technical Center as well.Among its priorities are developing, producing, patent rights supervision, testing and certification preliminary procedures and ruling of Quality Management Department. Whose functions are current control and certification of products and equipment.
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