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Steel making for blooming (rimmed steel: St1kp, St2kp, St3kp)

Description, Specification Range of sizes Material Applications
Steel ingots 760x670x2100+100
weight 6,8-7,4tn.
St 1-3 kp For blooming mills

Daisy type steel ingots

Diameter 470x530mm,
Weight 3510 kg
Wheel steel grades 1 and 2
If it is requred by a customer steel can be of other grades
For railroad wheels manufacture

Railway wheels

Description, Specification Range of sizes, mm. Material Applications
Solid-rolled Wheels Diameter 9577,105014 Wheel Steel Grades: 1,2 For open wagons and loco-hauled carriages; none-motor coaches; electric and diesel trains, track machines for 1520 mm. gage
Solid Rolled Wheels +9
Diameter: 955
Wheel Steel Grade: 2 For main-line railway cars with axial load up to 245 kN
Solid Rolled Wheels drawing 13.45.275-030 +5
Diameter: 795
Steel Grade 2 For subway trains
Solid Rolled Wheels Diameter : 840+14 Steel Grade 2 For NG railroad cars
Rough Solid-Rolled Wheels for wheels with 710 mm. diam. +4
Diameter 726
Steel according For track machines
Rough Solid-Rolled Wheels with 1058 mm. diam. +15
Diameter: 1058
Steel according For yard disel locomotives

Small diameter pipes

Water and gas pipes with diameters 21.3. to 108mm. are manufactured from low-carbon steels by induction welding.
All pipes undergo 100% nondestructive testing and mechanical testing. These pipes are used in water and gas pipe lines,heating systems and constructions of various purposes.


Nominal internal Diameter, mm Outer Diameter,mm Wall thickness, mm Steel Grade Applications
15 21,3 2,35-2,8 St 1, St2, St 3
Steel grade 08,10
For gas & water pipelines; heating systems; parts for water & supply structures.
20 26,8 2,35-3,2
25 33,5 2,8-3,2
32 42,3 2,8-3,2
40 48,0 3,0-4,0
50 60,0 3,0-4,0
65 75,5 3,2-4,0
80 88,5 3,5-4,0
90 101,3 3,5-4,0


Outer diameter, mm Wall thickness, mm Steel Grade Application
20,25,28,32,42,45,51 1,5-2,0 St 2, St3  Steel grade 08,10 General purpose pipe- lines and structures
21,3 2,0-2,8
26,0 2,0-2,8
33,0 2,0-3,2
33,7 2,0-3,2
42,0 2,0-3,2
48,0 2,0-4,0
57,0 2,2-4,0
60,0 2,2-4,0
76,0 2,2-4,0
89,0 3,0-4,0
102,0 3,0-4,0

Medium diameter pipes

The applications for these pipes are the most diverse.They are produced in the following diameters 114-530.0 mm with wall thicknesses from 4.5 to 9.0 mm from carbon and low-carbon grades of steel.The pipes are produced using high-frequency welding and radio-frequency with induction electrodes.The pipes undergo multigraded non-destructive tests and a series of mechanical tests. In the production line the quality of the welded connections is tested using eddy-current equpment and ultrasonically.After finishing the pipe undergoes hydrostatic testing and 100% visual control. Mechanical testing is carried out on elongation, impact binding etc in a specialised laboratory. The pipes are designated for oil and gas pipelines 3-4 categories for the transport of oil and gas products including for Artic conditions, for construction, for the laying of warm line etc.All pipes are delivered to the user with a range of heat treatments.Depending on the chemical analysis and heat treatment, the pipes can be produced with different tensile groups - K34 to K55.At present the equipment for the gas and oil pipe is being upgraded to international API 5L standard,and in order to produce pipe with anti-corrosive coating.
Outer Diameter, mm Wall thickness, mm Steel Grade Applications
114,146,159, 168, 219,245, 273, 325, 377, 426, 530 5,0-10,0 K 34, K38, K 42 St 3 Steel grade 10,20 Petroleum & gas products pipelines,mill piping, field pipelines.
219,273, 325 377,426,530 5,0-7,0 St 2, St 3  Steel grade 10, 20 Oil & gas pipelines; pipelines & structures for general purposes.
219,273,325, 377, 426 5,0-10,0 St 3 sp  Steel grade 10, 20 sp Oil & gas pipelines with pressure up to 75 atm.
146, 159, 168, 219, 245, 273, 325, 377,426, 530 4,0-8,0 08 AA?, 09 A2N, 22 A? To use in Siberia and Far North.
530 6,0-10,0 K34,K38,K42 For main oil & gas pipelines,petroleum
159,168, 219, 245, 273,325, 377, 426,530 4,8-10,0 Steel grade 10,10sp,20,20ps,po Special purpose pipes for applying of internal and external proyective coating
114,3(4 1/2) 168,3(6 5/8) 219,1(8 5/8) 6,5-10,0 B-X52 Pipelines of various purposes

Large diameter pipes

Manufacturing practices and equipment are based on the latest scientific and technological achievements of international pipe manufacturers, including the leading Japanese and German companies,are on a level with the world standards. Electric-welded longitudinal pipes of 508-1020 mm diameter and 7-32 mm wall thickness, including pipes for the use at low temperatures, for main and oil & gas pipelines with working pressure upto 100 atmospheres are manufactured from steel grades K38 - K60. Pipes produced by at our plant conform to International Standards. In 1994 we were granted an API licence for use of API monogram on our products (licence # 5L-0276 dt. 14 February 1994), which was prolonged twice ,in 1997 up to 2000 and in 2000 up to 2003.Cold-resistant pipes produced from steel grade K60 are used for gas pipelines and compressor stations in Far North areas. However at the end of 2000 we plan to commission our own facilities to apply anticorrosive coating on the spot.Phased multi-stage nondestructive examination ensures high quality and reliability of pipes. We mastered manufacture of K52 - K60 pipes with high corrosive resistance according these pipes can be used at a temperature of -60C.
Outer diameter mm Wall thckness, mm Steel grade Application
530, 630, 720, 820 7,0-12,0; 8,0-12,0; 8,0-12,0; 9,0-12,0 K38, K50, K52 For oil & gas pipelines;petroleum & gas products pipelines; mill pipelines; field pipelines
530, 630, 720, 820, 1020 7,0-24,0; 8,0-24,0; 8,0-30,0; 9,0-30,0; 10,0-32,0 K50-K60 & other For main pipelines; petroleum & gas products pipelines with working pressure up to 100 atm.
530,720,1020 7,1-16,0; 7,3-20,0; 10,3-21,5 K54, K60, K60 For main oil & gas pipelines;petroleum products pipelines with working pressure up to 75 atm.
530-1020 7,0-32,0 Carbon steel For general application
530-1020 7,0-26,0 06GFBAA For oil and gas pipelines,design operating pressure up to 9,8 Mpa improved operating characteristics including coldresistance up to 60*C.
_508(20"); _599(22"); _610(24"); _660(26"); _711(28"); _762(30"); _813(32"); _864(34"); _914(36"); _965(38"); _1016(40") 7,0-32,0 B-X70 For oil,gas & water transportation

Electric welded casings

Electric-Welded Casings Pipe mill where casings are produced is the only one producing electric-welded casings in CIS. Designed capacity of the mill is 350 thousand tons of pipes per year. We produce electric-welded Buttress casings of two grades C(equivalent to H-40 - API 5CT) and An(J-55) from steel 22A?, type A, for wells construction in different geological conditions; O.D: 146.1, 168.3, 219.1 and 244.5 mm; W.T.: 6.5-10.7 mm. Casings are produced in full accordance with International Standards, API 5CT (licence # 5CT-0358 of 14.02.1997). In comparison with seamless casings electric-welded casings have the following advantages: - tight tolerance for wall thickness, not more than +/-5% of nominal wall thickness; - their out-of-roundness is less than out-of-roundness of seamless pipes, due to this fact casings are more resistant to crushing by well stratums and their bore is a little bit larger than the one of se- amless pipes; - surface finish is better because of elimination of rolling defects; - pipes are supplied in random lengths of 11.0+/- 0.1 meters,it facilitates running of casing string in a well.Casings are produced by high frequency welding process. Weld and pipe body are subjected to UT. Pipes are subjected to hydraulic testing to ensure air-tightness of welds and soundness of pipe body. Due to high quality of pipe faces there are no gaps at pipe joints, it facilitates the use of oil field and well-logging equipment.
Outer diameter, mm Wall tickness, mm Steel grade Applications
146,1; 168,3; 219,1; 244,5 6,5-10,7 22GU , DS To case off gas & oil wells
146,10(5 3/4"); 168,28(6 5/8"); 219,08(8 5/8"); 244,48(9 5/8") 6,5-10,7 H-40,J-55 To case off gas & oil wells

Steel Grade

Tensile Requirements
Tensile Strength
Yield Strength

Elongation, % min



J-55 >75.000 >517 >55.000 >379 >80.000 >552 18.0
H-40 >60.000 >414 >40.000 >276 >80.000 >552 22.0
Chemical Requirements, %
C Si Mn S P Al Ti Cr N Ca
0.15-0.22 0.15-0.80 1.20-1.40 <0.01 <0.02 0.02-0.05 <0.03 <0.04 <0.0012 <0.02

Powder metallurgy products

Band rolling and cutting to legth are performed in single pass. Porous rolled materials are used in fine filters to purify oil and fuel, in current collectors and in plain bearings for friction units. Solid materials are produced by compacting and intermediate annealing of porous rolled materials.The use of rolled sintered powder materials extends the service life of pumps,increases efficiency of chemical processes, improves quality of products and makes it possible to obtain materials with new chemical properties and enhanced economic efficiency.

Porous filter materials

  Thickness Width Length  
Porous Sheets 0,10-1,0 60-550 470-1000 To filter out mechanical impurities from liquid and gaseous substances
Porous Stainless Bands 04,-0,8 220 800 Condensation from steam conducting mixture.
Porous titanium plates 0,2-6,0 100-600 500-800 Fine air dispersion; filtration of highly aggressive substances.

Porous and Solid Materials

  Thickness Width Length  
Molybdenum-copper pseudoalloyed
Strips and bands
0,2-4,0 25-150 100-600 To produce parts with higher termal conductivity; for binding with alumina and berylium ceramics.
Contact plates 7,30,4 +2,0
300-600 Current collector for d.c. electric stok
Porous nickel band 0,18-1,0 70-90 190-1000 Electronic devices
Porous nickel band       Electonic devices
Bimetallic Plates 1,2-22 280-390 580-810 Plian bearings
Iron-base antifriction plates 5,0-7,0 18-280 600-800 Guides and bearings
Sintered electrode band 0,8 0,2 40-90 Coil Suberged welding-on
Electrode band 0,8-1,0 30-129 Coil Submerged welding-on of anticorrosion parts of powder and petrochemical equipment
Diamond-bearing band 0,025-1,0 85-5,0
Parting-off diamond disks
Sealing bands 0,1-6,0 100-300 400-1500 To manufacture sealing parts of gas turbines

Consumer goods

The principal shop for fork production has been working from the thirties, and it is the largest manufacturer of all-rolled forks in the world. The possible capacity of the shop amounts to 12 million forks per year. The range of products of the shop includes 40 instruments: multipurpose forks, rakes, mattocks of various dimension that are also delivered with a haft. At the shop of metal products, the instruments are produced for cultivation of gardens and vegetable allotments: axes, knives for soil processing machines. They are delivered in sets and separately. Recently, there appeared the shop for furniture manufacturing.
Description Applications
2-,3-,4-,8- prong forks Hay stacking,soil cultivation and other farm operations
Hunter`s hatchet Hunting,fishing,farm operations
Rake Road building garbage disposal farm operations
Mattock Soil cultivation
Hoe Soil cultivation
Set of agricultural Soil cultivation
Spade Digging

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