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Long flax fibers

Our partners has the most recent long and short flax processing techniques, which guarantees the quality of the production.
Long flax is combed by combing machines, which are served by highly qualified staff. Today our manufacturing capabilities enable us to make 4000 tons of high quality fiber per month.

Short flax fibers

We process short flax, which is needed for textile, paper and non-woven fabrics for automotive industry manufacturing, is combed by combing machines, and in the result we get refined, clean short flax which is impure just up to 3-5% because of boon. We press it into the European standard bales with dimensions 45 x 55 x 115 cm and with the weight of 60 - 140 kg.

During the process of refinement the flax is cleaned from dust and boon. We have the possibility to cut the flax in accordance with the customer's requests. Short flax fibers, which have been processed in this way, can later be used in the process of cottonization, and in the manufacturing of non-woven and isolation materials.


Sales of flax-seed play a big role in our enterprise. Our aim is to provide flax-growers with high quality flax-seeds of the most recent species.

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